How can I ask him to go out after all these complicated situation and whether should I ask him?

We had sex twice, I know u guys will say there is no hope cos we had sex already. Things are pretty complicated, we are classmates. I never had feeling for him. First time was totally a one night sex after drunk. But after one month I felt have feeling for him and things continue we had second time sex. I told him I have feeling for him after one month of the second sex and he told me I am sorry I have started to meet a girl already. So I said don't worry is fine. Then we have class again this week, yesterday met him just asked him how is he and his gf, he told me actually is not gf just dating sometimes. I told him that's gd u guys from the same city. But he said no she is there but I am here. And we are together in the same bus and happened to an crazy woman was shouting at me. Then when I got off the bus he just told me to take care and be away from her. After around 30 min he called me and ask me whether I am fine whether I found the way.( cos I was looking for some place). So I just have kind of thinking that he cares about me. But maybe just fake? Or I think too much? Tmr is the last day of class and I want to ask him out Tmr night, do you think is ok or better to be cold to him for a while? Thanks! I really need to know. I even don't know how to ask him out, by text or face to face or by phone call.. And what excuse.. And what can I say and how to say...:( really no experience. Thanks!!


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  • It's clear that he has a growing attraction for you


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