Am I ready or am I not ready for a relationship?

Sometimes i really really want a boyfriend and i get sad cause im 22 and i have never had a boyfriend and all my friends have one and here i am all alone.

Than i sit down and listen to some of them bitch about their boyfriends and how he doesn't do this and that and how he doesn't priority her and all these problems and i think wow do i really want a boyfriend?
I love being alone and im good at being alone but soemtimes i want that special one when i see my friends with theirs, and i think wow is there no one there for me?


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  • there is someone for you. you needn't worry about it. he will notice you out of the entire canvas and pick you.

  • Wait upon the lord and seek and love him and when his time is right he will send you a Godly man who will love you and charish you and the fighting and all the drama will be a lot less.

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    • there are so many girls, i feel like im not good enough

    • But God sees you like a princess his own daughter and is saving you for a prince.

  • You're old enough for a boyfriend. You can decide how you want your relationship to be. You don't have to be together every minute. You can just see each other twice a week or whatever you want. I see no reason why you shouldn't meet someone, unless you want to have every minute alone.


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