Do I say yes to my partner or is it to fast?

Me and my partner have been out 6 month now have had are ups and downs but are strong this past week has been so bad though as I lost are baby and he blames his self for stressing me out he wants to try again do I say yes? We want to get are own place is it to soon? Now got my ring looking at me what do I do?

Yes I had a miscarriage not yet iv gone away for some space we both want a baby but I don't know if he wants to or is just saying yes to keep me happy


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  • Did you lose your baby? Did I read that right? Are you ready to try for another baby? You both should be on board

    • Yes you did I am ready to im in the right state of mind but is he stay yes to keep me sweet

  • That's something you both are going to have to come to terms with, don't let him blame himself for you losing the baby there's many factors when a baby miscarried, something could've not developed chromosomes... There's a lot that could've happened. It's nothing EITHER OF YOU DID!!! Now you both need to make sure that's something your ready for!! As a mom I can tel you that your never really ready for a baby!!!


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