Is San Francisco Bay Area really a difficult place to date anyone?

I remember a month back a article came out on SF-Gate called "Is San Francisco actually the worst place for single women?" I live in San Francisco but I cannot comment on this matter because I never really tried. However, reading comments from SF Gate post and one dating coach said men said women are difficult to date here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some people are saying meeting people on the East Coast is easier. What do you think, especially you folks visit or live in San Francisco Bay Area.

You can read the article here


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  • Ok, I've got some things to tell ya bro. First I've read your article that was posted with this question. For starters, that is a girl's POV not a males. She may or may not be attractive, the guys she is interested in or the net she has to use in trying to grab a guy's attention maybe too selective, I know because I've been accused of that and yes I admit it. That's one here's 2. I've lived in SF 3/4 different times in the last decade and I've dated 3 different kinds of girls each time I moved back. A forensic lab tech/bartender, a stripper and another waitress. ALL different lifestyles, personalities, attractiveness. It CAN you just need to super confident, charming, funny, and available and willing to put in the time because it still is SF and the hustle and bustle does get in the way. I do not live there now, the rent in certain areas are kingfuc NUTS! Be open to all kind do not limit yourself to a certain kind of girl. IF you need to work on you confidence I'm sure you can find places to help you out on that, is your wardrobe a bit outdated and somewhat lacking, there's stylists all over the damn place. Don't just quit try something new, I used to go for a run in the GG Park near Stow Lake there's cute girls out for a run however the times and days do vary but hell if you need to get in shape a bit ask a girl for some pointers, you just need to take the initiative and spark up a conversation even if it's just a question on say about the brand of shoes she's running in. Plus there the Japanese tea Garden not far off, its a GREAT place to meet up later if you get her number. Don't think about focusing in on 1 girl at a time when it comes to numbers try to get as much as you can. THEN call the ones you got and then hangout for a bit to see if they are worth even taking out but that's up to you. I'm not sure if it is easier on the east coast for the simple reason that I haven't had the chance of liveing there... YET!


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  • Yeah gay people. lots of them. Not a good place for straight people to date.

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