Should I give him the birthday gift I bought for him?

I'm seeing a guy who I have been talking to for about 6-7 weeks, I went to see him a week ago (he lives in another state) and since then he hasn't really called me or texted me, when we do text it's very brief and he doesn't seem to put any effort into the conversation, but he does reply and says he misses me etc..

It was his birthday yesterday and I bought him a $250 watch for it but now since he is being distant I'm thinking about just not giving it to him, I've told him I bought him something... I'm not worried about spending money on people I care about but I'm starting to think he doesn't really deserve it...

What do you think?


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  • This is a recently sensitive subject for me... i was texting and seeing someone for abput 7 weeks... just before she moved away i told her about the "surprize" b-day gift i had for her... she never gave me the address where was moving to... i mentioned it 5 times in a month... the last time was this morning... she ignores it everytime... if he doesn't acknowledge your gift next time you mention it... sell it... if she doesn't acknowledge my last text about her gift im burning it... its obvious its not welcome.


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  • " talking to for about 6-7 weeks"
    A $250 watch? :-O Well, if your dad is a millionaire...

    • I'm not rich, I just don't find money to be something I'm stingy about. If I care about the person and I want to make them happy, I'll do anything

    • You can make almost any guy happy without spending $250

  • Hmm does he work a lot?

    • Yeah he does but he used to call me while he was working so yeah..

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  • Are you two official?

    • He calls me his girlfriend but it hasn't been directly spoken about. We are exclusive tho

    • Okay, well if you think that he doesn't deserve it, don't give it to him. I definitely wouldn't give my bf a present if he was ignoring me and not putting any effort into this relationship

  • then don't waste your money on him