What to do if your crush is afraid of commitment?

What to do with a guy you really like who has commitment issues?

I've been seeing this guy for almost two months now. We pretty much hit it off the first time we saw each other. So far I have met most of his friends and a few co-workers. Also I met his parents for the first time.

When we go out in public or even infront of his friends, we tend to show PDA. We just act like boyfriend and girlfriend, and its amazing because I love being next to him. Anyway I went out one night with a few of my friends to a bar, and he was working a double. He told me to be safe and to text him when I'm home.

So as the night went on I kept getting 21 questions about what the deal is between me and him because we aren't official or anything. So the next day I went to see him and he knew something was bothering me, so I decided to bring up that conversation and asked him what we were or where do you see this going.

He told me that he really likes me but he's afraid of commitment because of previous relationships. Also that he isn't interested in dating anybody else because he only wants to date me. But yet he wants to see where things go between us.

so what does that actually mean? If he is afraid of commitment then why does he only want to be only seeing me and not anybody else?


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  • just give him a lot of time, thats the only thing that helps really.


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  • I've had the same issue recently..."Scared of being hurt" .. sound familiar? but is he not afraid of sex... WHATEVER YOU DO... dont chase him... back off a little bit... and take it very slow... if you dont it won't get better... just saying.

  • Sounds to me like he is playing you. Only seeing you is already a commitment if you think about it. He tells you this to keep you around for his enjoyment. Sorry to say but I've pulled this same thing a couple of times. Works great!


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