Am I undatable? A bit long story, but help is greatly appreciated?

I have a confession to make..

I am tall/asian/fit living in Europe
I like my face, it's a bit too big, but I have nice bone structure and nice eyes/nose :P

I get hit on a lot
I always notice people stare at me & guys try to get my attention. When I go out clubbing, guys approach me now and then
No one seriously wanna date me (ok the guys I would consider dating...)

Such as
Guy A (friend of friend) gives me his number, expecting me to call him
B. "I really enjoy talking to you, more than others I met recently, but I think im too old for you (5 years difference)
C. "I am still waiting for a date with you"
D. "Lets watch worldcup together for team A" Me: "ey but i dont like team A, watching it with your friends is better ambiance :)." D. "can we watch it with your friends?" Me. "hmmm lets see.. When?" D." Lets plan spontaneously" ...
E. we hangout, plan romantic things together (going to a park, laying down together with wine/dips) & tells me " hey u know it's fine if girls pursue guys" HE doesn't EVEN SAY HE LIKES ME OR SOMETHING..

I am a shy/quiet person, but pretty artistic (piano/painting/photography/photoshop) n such. and crazy with some friends. I dont know if my shyness is blocking my dating luck, or I am just undatable...

and I am told I am very talented multiple times, i think I am highly sensitive person.. I try to fake it, but sometimes I have unexplainable mood swings.. I am not very socially confident (I have high self-esteem though). So I think I have quite extreme characters... I really wanna meet a nice guy just to have fun with (not even relationship), but why is it so hard.


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  • It's difficult to follow your description, but it sounds like a lot of guys think you're physically attractive, but they fail to meet your standards of behavior toward you. You say you're not socially confident and that you have mood swings even you don't understand. That combination makes it impossible for a man to live up to your expectations, since not even you know what they are. If the mood swings are severe, you should talk to a doctor or counselor.

    I would also respectfully suggest that if the men you are attracted to are native English speakers, there may be a slight communication problem. I had a bit of difficulty following exactly what you are explaining.

  • You are very datable


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