Why would a guy treat you bad?

Why do men like to treat you bad but can be nice when they want to.. I don't get why men treat women badly and have control?


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  • For the same reason that women often cheat and treat the men in their lives poorly.

    On the whole, the human race is comprised of a bunch of selfish assholes who only know how to take.

    • So those selfish people figure they can treat anyone like that and they will stay

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    • He can if you let him.

    • Oh that's what the did

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  • i am a man and i dont treat them badly. not all people are same. it could be that they take a generalized view of women and act upon that.
    it is also sometimes when they want something they will be extremely good, but when they want to get rid of them they become rude and try to make them run away.

    when it comes to money, most dont want to share with any one, but when it comes to a sexual desire, they will be good to women.

  • cause sometimes both sexes can be complete ass wipes at times

  • I don't know but I assume it's for the same reason women do it to men just as often.

    • Which reason is that?

    • Please read the first three words in my comment.

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