How do you define a casual relationship/sex?

When you're trying to keep it casual or when it is casual, what boundaries do you have? What sort of things do you avoid doing or saying to keep it casual?


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  • Its a matter of the people involved. Some people take casual to mean more like a booty call. One of those: "Hey what you up to? wanna come over and fool around?"
    While others have a quasi relationship where they do things together besides have sex. This tends to be more friends with benefits type.
    Then you have people who act like they are dating but for all intents and purposes they are not. Even though they do couple things together and are pretty close. This is also friends with benefits, but it falls into the its complicated.

    As for rules and boundaries I have heard that if they are exclusively screwing then its just the two of them. If one of the people wants to go sleep with someone else they tell the person they are with. Other times its just do whatever and whomever.

    If you want to keep it casual you have to decide what you want out of this other than a bit of sexy time. Or if all you want is sexy time then say I just want sexy time. No cuddling, no after glow, no talking after, just plain and simple sex. Which to be honest is hard to do.

  • 1. Be nice & chivalrous but not imbibe or display romance thus making the other person attracted to you - unfair to them
    2. Be open & upfront with words - keep things clear & remind yourself and the other person from time to time
    3. Avoid fixations / frequenting of dates, places etc
    4. Keep your mind over your heart - keep reminding yourself and the other person of that all the while

    We are human beings and naturally meant for attachment. It's very important to keep reminding self & the other person a lot of things to keep it casual - A casual relationship is filled with responsibility :) :) believe it or not :)


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