What can I do about my sister who turned her back on me?

My ex that I was with for years cheated on me more than once. He wanted marriage and children. The first time I found out I told my family. I ended up deciding to forgive him. My family liked him and they were hoping it wouldn't happen again. When it did happen again and I let everyone know about it. My sister's husband started to deny it. Mind you my sister's husband and my ex became close friends. If anyone knew that he cheated on me it was my sister's husband. My sister literally left me hanging while her husband knew what went on. My sister denied everything while I dumped my ex. All she needed left to do was call me a liar. I kept on scratching my head why would she deny that my ex what I was saying didn't happen. My sister's husband is a liar and a very sneaky person. Her husband even stays friends with two other men that have been accused by their wives of cheating on them with the women they are dating now. His aunt got cheated on and by her husband and my sister's husband knew about it. He was urged by my sister and his mom to tell his aunt the truth. His friend cheated on his wife and his friend went by his house to tell him. I found out because we were talking about the situation and my brother in law was drunk and he said that his friend had cheated on his wife. The only person that I had to talk to was my sister and she just turned her back on me. Until this day she is still friends with my ex. Finally I figured out it was because her husband told her to stay out of it. Do you have any situations like this that have happened to you.


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  • That was a might big wall of text. My brother turned his back on me. And I have done it to my step brothers


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