He said "not really" when I asked him if he was dating a girl. What does that mean?

I was talking to my crush the other day and when I asked if he was dating a girl that I was under the impression that he was from his best friend he said, "not really" and then said how its bad for the company (they work together). So what does the not really mean?


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  • "Not really" in the context he's using it means several things. For one, "not really" should anybody they work with ask since its against company policy. Secondly, "not really" in answer to your question because he's somewhat interested in you. Bottom line is "not really' is what a guy who has a girlfriend says (when asked) while he also keeps his options open. With that said, tread lightly, as you may end up being his next girlfriend... not really, lol. If the phrase were in the dictionary, its definition might be: to confirm the truth while giving the impression it's false.

    • That's what I was thinking. I just dont get how it fits with the explanation he gave afterwards about them working. He seems adamant about me going to his bar he works at so we exchanged numbers and I'm supposed to text him and let him know when I will be there. I guess I'll just go with the flow.

    • He might like a girl he works with, but company policy forbids employees dating. So he is "in the market"for a girlfriend. If he wants you to meet him there, and he gave you his number then you are on track to snag this guy.

    • Awesome! Thank you! I will get on that!

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  • it means he is not crushing but has some casual thing going on
    it could also mean he is crushing but the girl does not like him back

    best thing to do is just ask what he means :)

    good communication is the key :)
    good luck

    • I definitely will. I was just so happy I actually asked the question that I didn't process what he said haha. When my best friend asked his best friend he was all hesitant before saying yeah. So I think it is probably the first option you gave. Thanks!

  • It means he isn't really interested in anyone, but does go out with various girls from time to time.
    In other words, he's kinda sorta dating the girl from work, but isn't willing to take risks for that relationship, so it's not going to go anywhere.

    • Okay. Because I do like the guy and we exchanged numbers after I told him I was unsure of when I will be at his bar. He told me to text him the next time I know he will be there. So he basically put the ball in my court. I just am unsure how I should handle the situation.

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    • Yes, text him. If he is interested, he will be there, unless he is really tied up.

    • Well he bartends there so I have to make sure he is working. Maybe he will drop by if not. Either way I will text him a day or 2 before.

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  • It means they're hanging out but not dating yet

    • So do I have a chance? What should I do?