He admitted to having feelings for me (we have known each other about a month) and I said that I felt the same... we should get to know each other first. He met my parents and we spent some time together and I gave him one peck on the lips good buy. My problem is that i am confused about my feelings for him, it's like it switches on and off. My friends suspect that I just might not be ready for my first real relationship. :( ANY advice? no hate please or that I'm too young to have a boyfriend by the way GUY AND GIRL ANSWERES PLEASE

thanks guys it helps a lot :)


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  • You are young. That makes a difference. Relationships and interacting with the opposite sex in a romantic way does take practice. Just like anything. Think about the first time you tried to dive in a swimming pool, it was awkward, you weren't sure how to move your body... but after time it became easier.

    Same thing with this guy - but relationships are even more complicated because the water doesn't have a mind and opinion of its own.

    But in the end, if you're not feeling it after a while, then end it amicably


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  • Switches on and off? If u like someone it should be pretty constant. Doesn't have to be a lot but should always be a good level of care. Maybe that right there, not being consistent, is a sign of itself. You don't have to be completely ready, cuz ull learn in the process but you need to have a firm concept that you care and want to be with that person. Good luck!

  • Well... I understand... Like when we are shopping... we are always like:should I take it? But I don't have a red shirt to match it... but I really like it... I love the design but it should be light yellow... wait, pink is not that bad... OMG... should I take it or not?
    Hold on for a second... I don't know what you will do but I'd just leave that shopping mall and go straight back home. Wait for a couple of days to see if I still want to buy it.
    If you can't decide just give it a little more time. But not too long. It will be sold-out.

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