Is he distancing himself? Or am I overreacting?

Mike* is usually super goofy. Our relationship has been going on for a few month. It's been very slow, but steady. He is usually very affectionate and open with me. The last time we got together we were snuggeling in bed and he was holding me tight just staring at me, for about a good hour. He had the saddest puppy-dog look on his face. I told him he was kinda scaring me and asked if I had anything to be worried about. He said no. Yesterday we were talking about getting together tonight. Instead of his usually goofy self he told me that I could come over "if I wanted", and that he would "be in touch tomorrow" Very cold. Very distant. Not at all like him.
Is this what a guy distancing himself looks like? Or am I overreacting?


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  • i think your overreacting


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