Girls, would I be too boring or not?

Not sure if these things about me would classified me as an ordinary, boring guy:

1) Just broke up 3 months ago with the same girl I've been dating since I was 17 (now I'm 22) and that's about it. We both decided to go our separate ways. I have no other experience to share.

2) I only have limited friends, the same 4 friends from my junior school years. Large crowds and parties have always made me feel unfortable and I don't like the idea of talking to everyone I don't know. Co-workers I only considered them as my acquaintances.

3) Rarely go to clubs. Don't drink too much either. It's like partying (unless if it's a very important occasion) and getting drunk doesn't turn me on. Only once did I get kind of tipsy and I didn't like the feeling so I stopped, didn't let it proceed.

4) Never got into a real fist fight ever.

5) I can sometimes be bookish. Would be great if a girl is smart and can actually talk about hardcore math and science.

There was an acquaintance that once told I'm exactly like the male counterpart of the Ms Goody-two-shoes types. Ughhh... I don't know about that but I'm just being me.

But I've been hearing elsewhere about this so called ''bad guy'' thing
that it gets me annoying. I don't know how true this is that as a guy you're suppost to be exciting and sometimes have a dark side or even have a more wild past.


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  • I wouldn't call you boring I would say you are more of a homebody. You like simple things and like to nerd out. I have a guy friend like that and there is nothing wrong with that.


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  • Number 3 would bother me a bit cause I like outgoing guys. But the other things youve mentioned aren't boring at all, I could live with that.

  • You're fine. What's wrong with it? You're unique and interesting.

    • Thank you. Thing is this ''bad guy'' thing has been increasing over the years. Back then when my grandfather and father were in their youthful years, there was no PUA (picked-up artist) guidelines that appear on certain sites nor this how to be bad guy thing nor mind games. Things were a lot more simple and to the point then.

      Either way, I'm staying this way. Will not be changing for no one. I'd rather be take my time on the next relationship (even though it's gonna me a while) than get into one quicker by pretending to be someone I'm not with pathetic PU lines.

    • Good then! You are interesting without dark side. LOL.

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  • It's boring for almost all girls mate. And though Im not a girl I say and know this because we two have much in common. I think building another Pyramid in Egypt is easier than find a new gf.

    • I know and gets me irritating. That's like saying we're suppose to change who we are and what our interest are just to satisfy certain specific girls. Why? When exactly did this whole ''Stud, bad guy'' thing became so prevalent?
      Though I know not every single girl is the same, this phenomenon has increased that it's getting ridiculous. If hypothetically there was no girl that liked me this way, I have no problems being and travelling for business purpose.

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    • Hell Im not changing myself either. Thats stupid. Thats me, love me or leave me.

    • Good and that's the way. I mean, if the girl wants jerky types with dark sides, it just means she's not the right one and she's doing us a favor by not wasting further of our time.