What are good places to meet single men?

I'm going for a fair over the weekend. It's more of a shopping thing and family outing. Is this a good place to meet men? What suggestions do you have of places to meet quality men?


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  • Good places, depends on what kind of guy you are looking for.
    If you want a macho crummy one night stands you go hit the single bars, yes it's all in the name!
    If you want the conservative virgin or the I say i'm a virgin, but in reality I am not, you hit the churches!
    If you want the awkward geeky and sometimes not so funny guy you hit the game shops or comic book stores!
    If you want the I might murder you if i'm having an off day try your local prison or jail!
    You can hit the different supermarkets, but those are like roulette you never know where the ball will land or if the ball will land anywhere at all for that matter, men there are unpredictable.
    You can also try the candy shops, sweet men like to hang there, but also pedophiles, so it can be a little bit of both, lol.


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  • Men are everywhere.

  • The gym.

    end thread

  • Zyzz raves and Zyzz gyms Aussies!!! for the sluzzza

  • You can meet guys almost anywhere.

    Are you going to start cold approaching men?

    • what's cold approaching?

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    • I guess it all comes down to fear of rejection

    • Yes of course, I was sure this girl liked me, she was shy and uncomfortable around me, I was somewhat shy and her uncomfortableness made me uneasy, so after a few weeks I just went up to her said hello, asked her how she was and then asked her out. She turned me down but I felt so much better after I made the approach. I got the closure and I am able to move onwards and upwards.

  • Church. That is where I am everyday praying to find a good woman.

    But note, I usually don't speak to women first, because it is:

    A) Not appropriate/polite.
    B) She might be married.

    You have let him know, that you are single and interested, just sit next to him and start a conversation.

    But not if he is deeply in prayer of course.

  • It depends on your culture. But...

    * The gym
    * Church
    * Lions/Rotary meetings
    * College
    * Community college or adult college
    * Pubs
    * Night clubs
    * Multi-level marketing
    * Religious networks...

  • I doubt it. I don't think single men go to fairs. It's more of a family type of thing

    • Any suggestion of where I can meet single guys... apart from pubs

    • Libraries, museums, men's clothing stores or the men's clothing sections of department stores (pretty much any man you see looking at men's clothes without a woman by his side is single), coffee shops (again, a man sitting alone is pretty dman likely to be single), the gym

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