Should I wait for him to ask me out?

There is this 26 year old guy I'm crushing on, from Friday the 13th, really had a good time with him and would like to get to know romantically/emotionally/and more. Wondering, if i should ask him out, or let him ask me out? how long should I wait or should I wait at all? I wonder if he likes me or not. Two nights ago, seen him biking and said hi, he got off his bike and came to talk to me like 10 mins, even thou i was nervous as fuck, cuz i like him and all.


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  • Does he seem like he really likes you and shows interest?

    • like give me a example?

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    • ya exactly, I should wait untill he asks me out right?

    • Yes. Just be patient and everything will come at the right time

  • Need more details. What does he do specifically?

    • well on friday, we ended up drinking, he showed me where the full moon was by the beach, went swimming with me, and when i was cold he gave me a sweater and cuddled me untill i was warm. He was playing little pranks on me, like holding the bathroom door down on me, and flashing me with his flashlight, he told me about his personal life and kids.