Finding a charming girl while teenage?

I'm 17 years old at this point, yet to find a girl that I would actually like. I'm a thin, rather short guy, kind of old fashioned, yet I do indeed go to clubs (usually just to chill out with friends). My problem is that, no matter where I look, all girls my age I see are pretty, but that doesn't cut it. I don't actually care about looks, rather I want a girl that is nice, not a bitch. Which seems to be a problem. I do realise that there are lot of girls like that, but perhaps, not at my age. I'm not exactly sure what to do, but I'm getting rather lonely.


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  • They're always the girls you least expect. They don't draw attention. I know how you feel, I'm wondering where all the simple guys went who didn't want too much of girl. I'll tell you what, when you find her, she will be worth the weight.

    • Thanks for that "they don't draw attention" maybe I just haven't been noticing. I'll watch out. Thanks.

  • We're still around. This is actually the same question we ask about guys lol.


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