Do cheaters go around looking for who will accept them?

I have noticed that if anything when a cheater gets dumped they back in the game. It's as they are looking for someone to accept them for what they are. Eventually they do find the person to they get married with.. While the faithful person feels is love the cheater is just happy they found someone to accept them. Pretty much the cheater has most likely been dumped several times. If you notice they usually won't do the dumping.


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  • I think once a person cheats then they will always cheat even if they get married it still can be that urge to cheat. But true I think if a cheater cheats and get caught and dumped they will find somebody else then eventually cheat on that person. I think it becomes a pattern that sometimes can't be stopped. I do think people can change but a person cheating is like a high to them. Almost like a huge rush and thrill. I do think people cheat for different reasons. If they are committed to somebody and are not getting what they want then they just go out and seek it some where else. I talked to cheaters they tend to make a lot of excuses. But never want to take responsibility for cheating in the first place.


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