How'd you know when a guy likes you?

Well there's this guy I like but I'm not sure if he likes me back


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  • he will make excuses to talk to you, he will smile at you a lot, laugh with you, compliment you, joke around with you, flirt with you, find reasons to make physical contact, and usually eventually tell you.


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  • He will look at you a lot when you're not looking and if you catch him he will either (shy) look away quickly or (confident) look you in the eyes and smile. Smiling and eye contact are big indicators of interest :) He may also try to get into groups with you or sit close to you in school so that would be an indicator too! Just be sure to smile back and make eye contact =)

  • There is a website...
    I've looked at it before, and it's quite accurate.
    I looked because I was looking at "how to tell when a girl likes you"
    I was curious and looked this one too...

    look up how to tell when a guy likes you, it's the wiki ho website

  • It is really simple:

    If a guy doesn't like you he ignores you.
    If a guy likes you, he tries to be nice to you, talk to you, be with you.

    The friendlier he becomes towards you, the more he likes you.


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