How to start and keep a conversation going?

I'm a pretty quiet guy. When in a group I'm totally fine, throw in my two cents maybe even crack a joke or two but I struggle to talk to a girl one on one. I freeze up entirely and its just becomes a game of who can stare at the ceiling or ground the longest. I'm a great listener so if she does all the talking I'm totally fine but if left to just me... I blow it. Any tips would be much appreciated.


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  • Just be sincere and Honest. Its ok to blush.. honestly I think its extremely cute when guys get nervous or shy around me. compliment her on something. Bring up something u know she's into and ask her to tell u about it. Like if she likes to run say something like "so I heard u are really fast.. what's ur personal best in the mile?" Even something lame like that could spark a conversation. Just breathe and remember girls find it adorable when guys are shy around them!!

    • Haha ok. Yeah I blush A LOT or so I've been told. I got one: Do you have a band aide? Because it hurt when I fell for you. Thanks for the pep talk. ;)

    • Ur welcome. Yep dumb little pick up lines from shy guys are always adorable!!;)

    • I will definitely remember that. ;)

  • Unnm maybe ask questions if he she ask questions that's good


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