How to know if your crush is playing you?

Long story short I have been seeing this guy for two months now. Everything is going great, but I've been thinking if he is playing me or not. I mean when we are together, we act like boyfriend and girlfriend and we even show PDA when we go out to places or even when we go on dates. Even when we are in front of all his friends. I met his parents also and they seemed great.

We had this discussion but he told me he has commitment issues even though he told me he doesn't want to date anybody else besides me. He only wants to be seeing me. I mean is that a red flag?

he told me he wants to see where it goes between us but i can't help but over think and analyze everything lol.. I mean we do only see each other twice a week because of our schedules and its probably going to be less now since we both might be getting a second job.

Any suggestions?


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  • Well first off showing PDA and hanging out with his friends doesn't mean much. Even f buddies do that. The fact that he says he has commitment issues but only wants to see you is a huge red flag! It almost seems to me like he is telling you everything you want/need to hear in order to stick around just like a player would do. Also if you only see each other twice a week that is gonna make it hard to actually have a relationship especially if you are both getting second jobs. There may be times you don't see each other for weeks on end. Also do you have to wait hours to get a text? Or do you have to ask him to hang out? Does he come to see you or only you go to see him? Those are concerns you should have. Of course let me add if your thinking he may be playing you or your friends are telling you he might be then you already know the answer. You may not want to admit it but you are already asking the questions.


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