Guys please explain whats going on?

This guy I know from school whom I haven't spoken to In years randomly wants to add me on Facebook. So we are talking and I told him I wasn't much into dating. We talk a couple weeks and he finally talks me into letting him take me out. Go out for burritos. He surprises me with taking me to a movie I told him I wanted to see. It was nice. The next weekend im out of my home town with my aunt and he asks me where im at and comes and gets me an hour away. We go eat pizza and fudge. And we talk. Its once again really nice. Then he asks me to stay the night with him. And he knows im going through a rough time right now which he says he understood and wouldn't pressurw me. That he would let me take my time. Well I said no to staying the night with him that im just not ready. So I went home. Next day he was so rude to me about everything. And I haven't heard from him since then. Whats going on? Its been 3 weeks. I told him in the beginning that im going through things and he said it was fine. He lives 2 hours away from me cuz he's working and he doesn't do the girlfriend thing cuz he travels a lot and no one is willing to travel with him. He knows I wouldn't go with him yet he still tried. Ugh I am soooo lost.

I've texy him called him left voicemails. Facebooked him. No response to any of it.


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  • I'm not disrespecting you by saying this but the first thing is simple, he's horney and that will trump a lot of touchy feely things that he said. Second a lot of guys just don't take rejection well especially if he is immature, which it sounds like he might be. He is probably embarrassed both because of the rejection and because he knows he's in the wrong because of your up front honesty. If you want to try to repair this. Text him, acknowledge what happened and tell him you don't want to lose his friendship, that everything is cool between you, he should come around, if he doesn't, then he is still to immature for a relationship. sometimes guys do stupid stuff then they don't know how to get out of it gracefully. Good luck!

  • He heard what you said but didn't really listen. He tried anyways (maybe hoping you'd change your mind in the heat of the moment?). When you didn't he got frustrated.

    Men & women both like to think they can change someone... you weren't looking for anything but in his head if he treated you well you'd come around for him.


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