My friend wants me to get a girlfriend but I don't know what to do?

A friend of mine wants me to get a girlfriend. She's always asking me if I like anyone or what I think of the girls at the pub or bar we are at. Whenever I talk to friends about girls she always buts in with, 'How about getting a girlfriend?' but she doesn't understand that it's difficult to get a girlfriend. I tell her that I always get friend-zoned with girls I like but she doesn't understand that getting one isn't very easy.

She keeps trying to set me up with people and is convinced I like her friend when I don't anymore but she won't believe me. I want a girlfriend but it is just difficult to get one and she doesn't understand that and just wants me to pick almost like I have gone to the shop.
1. How can I get her to stop badgering me or at least be a bit more understanding?
2. How can I get a girl to like me?

Does anyone know?


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  • Tell her when you are ready you will know


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