Been giving my boyfriend space, now he's becoming a lot more affectionate?

My boyfriend and I have been together 7 months we're both 23. I have insecurities when it comes to trusting men, because of past relationships. Because of those insecurities, I have been nagging my boyfriend a lot the past few months (about why he didn't call me when he got off work, why he isn't more affectionate, and I didn't believe him when he had to work late one night). We had a big fight about me not trusting him when he was at work late and almost broke up, but we talked it out and he told me we have too much fun together and too many positives to our relationship to break up over that.. But he also said I'm emotionally draining him because of the lack of trust and nagging, and because I'm overly sensitive when he jokes. I really don't want our relationship to be draining to him, so I have backed off a lot and just focused on my priorities. We still talk everyday, but I let him do his own thing after work and don't harass him about calling/texting me. He just calls me on his own around 10 or 11 everynight. I've only actually been giving him space for the past 2 or 3 days, and yesterday and today he texted me during the day sending me hearts and saying he loves me, and also just a text to start up a convo. Is he being more affectionate because I'm giving him the space he needs?


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  • Yes, that and your not nagging him to death. I was in a similar relationship around your age. I was freshly divorced and loving life, I had a active social calendar and a girl I was seeing regularly behaved similarly. He needs to man up and tell you what his boundaries are, same with you.

    When you were a teenager ever get pissed because your folks asked you to do something more than once when you were busy? That's what nagging is like


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  • You have become the perfect woman.


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