Call her or wait to talk in person?

Asked this girl out for coffee a few days ago and she said she would get back to me about a day/time but haven't heard from her in 3 days now.

We both have been busy with classes and work so I hope she isn't trying not to talk to me. Should I call her tomorrow and schedule a day and time for us to get together or wait a few more days for her to text/call me?

I won't be able to see her till after the weekend and she is busy all weekend and I don't want to wait a week as it may seem like I am not interested.

Q2) If I do ending up talking to her on the phone how do I bring up the coffee? I don't want to be like "hey x, how are you? (get answer) are you free x day/time for coffee?" It seems kind of blunt to me and wouldn't sound very good=/

Also, if I get her voicemail should I leave a message or just call back another time?


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  • dude seems like you're a bit worried... just relax... call her and ask her when she will be free to have coffee


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  • You sound like you're over thinking it quite a bit. Just call the girl and ask her if she knows when she gonna be free yet.

    Just say, Hey things have been pretty hectic lately, I'd really like to go get that coffee some time so I can get my mind off school for a little bit. When do you think you'll be free?

    Or if she said she is still busy, tell her that you'll be there relaxing for a little while at x day/time.

    Stop trying to be Rico Swave and just ask. The worst thing she could say is no.

    If she doesn't answer then hang up and let her call you back. She'll see the missed call and call you back if she's still interested. But just remember to stop worrying so much and putting so much thought into it. It's just coffee man!