Would you date me or give me a chance?

5'6 tall
Long dark brown hair and eyes
Over weight
Light olive skin

I'm caring, giving, understanding, considerate, hopeless romantic, loyal, honest, I barely curse, great listener, funny, a perfectionist. I consider myself good in debates or comebacks. I can be sarcastic, if not, very, and mean, but funny mean.
Animal lover
Believes communicates is a big must.
Can be needy and clingy
I like buying gifts when I have the chance.
I can be sensitive but I can take what ever comes to my way.

My deal breakers are smokers, liars, drug addicts, alcoholics, dishonesty, and criminals.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Lonerider has the right idea.

    Other than overweight, I don't see anything there that's a negative feature. However, when you're listing things to show yourself off, there's obvious bias in your own favor, and you're not going to highlight any personality features that you KNOW are negative.

    Whether I would actually date you would be based on how I felt about our interactions. About 3/4 of the personality traits you listed are things that pretty much every girl lists about herself. I would date you if there was chemistry.


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What Guys Said 6

  • Whatever you wrote.. is what you THINK you are.. not who you ACTUALLY are.. So obviously, my answer would be 'maybe' ... because it all depends on how you actually are.

    • I just barely get mad. My negative traits aren't shown most of the time

    • Again.. that's what you THINK about yourself :)

  • Maybe, I don't know what you ment with "Believes communicates is a big must." and I would have to see how much overweight before I could answer.

    • *communication
      Around 40 pounds

    • Then yes, I would have given you a chance!

  • mybe. depends on how much overweight. (not the number but how you look with it)

  • Very similar to my girlfriend. Girls like you are the best so to answer your question yes, I would.

  • It depends if we have a mutual attraction, if there is that natural chemisty and if we both want the same things from a relationship. If all the boxes are all ticked, then yes I would want to be your man.

  • see with me I would give a chance to any girl and see how it goes, but if I was the one to ask any girl would you take a chance with me, the answer would be no, and it has been no, all these years, I'm afraid for the first time I'm going to have to say no


What Girls Said 1

  • If I was a guy i wouldn't date you. Mostly because you're overweight, needy/ Clingy

    Why is smoking a deal breaker?

    • even someone smoking from ten paces away in the open air makes me cough =/

    • That's madness haha

    • Another one is deodorant. It makes me cough when I spray it, haha. It's from meditating. It makes you really sensitive to the stuff that fucks you up, and so you can cut it out and heal yourself very deeply; but on the reverse side, sometimes it makes it quite difficult, to function in society, haha.