Is he giving me the brush off or am I just over thinking this?

This guy and I have been seeing each other/dating exclusively for a little over 4 months now. Everything has been going really well. Last weekend we spent all weekend together and I met his family. (I was nervous but I think it went well and they said they hope I come around again.)

We only see each other on the weekends due to the distance between us. He text me Sunday night after I got home and told me good night and everything. Monday and Tuesday we text/talked like we normally do. Wednesday we text but didn't have a phone conversation because of his softball games.

Up until this point we had not discussed doing anything this coming weekend. Yesterday afternoon he was snapchating me from bed saying he felt like he was getting sick. I was like aww you poor thing, wish I could make you feel better etc. I had a client event for work last night so I tried calling him a little after 9 P. M. he didn't answer. He text me around 10:30 P. M. saying he was sorry that he was asleep and felt whooped. I didn't respond to that text because I was sleeping by that point.

This morning he sent me another message saying sick day :( before I even responded to his message from last night. I responded back just saying that sucks and I wish he would feel better.

I don't think he has any reason to make up being sick. It's my understanding that he missed work today too. If he just didn't want to hang out with me then wouldn't he make up some sort of excuse instead of being sick? Keep in mind we never had any weekend plans to begin with. Ugh I just have been burnt too much in the past by guys that I tend to over think all of this. Help! What do you think?

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Should I call/text him after I get off work to see how he is feeling? I assume he has been sleeping all morning/afternoon so far since I only heard from early this morning when his alarms went off for work. (He used a sick day)


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  • If you have doubts regarding he getting sick, why not pay him a visit? Tell him you want to make him feel better by taking care of him. Since his family already knew about you, I don't think it is too much if you drop by to his place since you have an excuse to attend a sick guy. Guys want to be taken care of at some point of their lives. If he says he's okay, tell him that if he needs anything you're there to give it. Don't be too paranoid or else you'll ruin what you guys have. :)

    • I normally only see him on the weekends because he lives 45 minutes from me. He lives with a buddy of his so not at home with a family. I thought about calling him after work (I get off 4 hours early today) and seeing how he is feeling then offering to bring him supper, a redbox movie and cuddle with him. Would that be too much? I don't know I mean some people when they are sick want to be left alone too.

    • Why not give it a try. Try to leave him a text message regarding those offers. If he doesn't reply, don't fret. Make sure at the end of your message that you are there in case he needs anything. :)

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  • Sounds like excuses

    • why would he be making excuses if everything has been going well?

    • I'm just trying to understand what exactly makes you think it is an excuse? I have no way of knowing for sure if he is sick or not. But if he didn't want to hang out with me wouldn't he just make plans with his guy friends instead versus being "sick"? At least he would be able to do fun stuff with his friends versus lay around sick all day/night.

  • I'd believe him, it sounds plausible that he was ill.

    • I thought about offering to come take care of him by getting a redbox movie, bringing him food and cuddling with him but I don't know if someone who is sick would like that or not. Thoughts?

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    • This is true. As I said below as a response to another comment that if he didn't want to hang out with me I would think he would just make plans with the guys instead. At least that way he could go out and be fun with them versus staying in doing nothing. We had not made plans for the weekend either so he could have opted to make plans with them had he wanted to.

    • I don't think you've got anything to worry about.

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