Girls, would you find the beard of a guy who hasn't shaved for 3 days attractive or a turn off?

In my family everyone on my dad's side has a very "heavy" beard, needing a daily shave and with the potential of killing any electrical shaving machine in a week!

I do, however, have the very thin beard that's common in my mom's family. I usually wait 3 days to shave.

So girls, be honest... are laziness and attractiveness meeting here (EUREKA!) or am I a walking remedy to love :-(

Humour is allowed, I can take it!


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  • I think it's hot, I don't want a guy that's more high maintenance than me!

    • Thanks Cleveland! If one day I'm in the States you can feel the roughness of my beard :-)
      If you find it soft, I'm sold!

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    • You deserved the most helpful there!
      One day we'll do our facial maintenance together haha... I'll do your make-up and you shave me :-)

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  • I suppose it's not all on the beard. If the guy is clean, smells good and has a beard then (for me) it is attractive. However if the guy isn't clean, or smells bad, or I don't know, then massive turn off.

    Hope I helped x

    • Sure, honest and open answers is all GAG is about! Always appreciated, like this one :-)
      Thanks and hear you later...

    • Welcome!:) if you dont say the truth then you're giving wrong answers, right? aha

    • Absolutely! Let's give the good example :-)

  • Well if not to heavy in okay with it

  • i like it :D little scruffies
    its like free exfoliation if we rub our faces together!!

    • Oh dear, the first time I hear you on GAG and you already want to rub faces with me :-)
      But I admit... would enjoy it!

    • oh damn son,
      confident as fuck xD
      but yeah, facial scrubs? i think not!
      ill just grab me a lightly bearded man and rub-a-dub-dub

    • Haha, we share a nice sense of humour :-)
      Take care and thanks for your answer!

  • "Not shaved" is different from "not groomed." Not groomed looks lazy.

    • Haha, if I understand what you mean, it's like: no problem to be unshaved but if you look like a walking waste pile (not taken care of) that's a turn off?

    • Pretty much.

    • Haha, thanks. I washed last year so it 'll be okay.
      Oh and this morning as well, by the way :-)

  • Neither
    3 days isn't bad, I can deal with it

    • Sound good... so I have good habits haha. Thanks for your answer!

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