Guys girls please help? How to Tell a good friend/co-worker that I like him more than a friend?

I've been weighing it up over the last several months and asked other peoples opinions. I am 99% confident he feels the same way about me.
However I am still scared to do anything i was waiting for a night we both are not working or the next day to go get drunks and ease into it. Finding a night like this is difficult when we both work together [workplace relationships are fine, I'm fine with it and he has said he wouldn't be against work place dating in the past. we have known each other three years. We are both managers, and i am leaving in nov him in feb the company.

I feel rushed to ask him at the moment though as his best friend came in tonight with two girls. One of the girls i saw a month ago when we were all out and she was trying to crack on to my guy, but he didn't do anything or was too shy but he stayed with me the night idk. it was my birthday that night.

the best friend and 2 girls approached the bar, and the guy said is so and so working tonight. we said no. He said hey girls you can ask any of the girls that work here about him.

He then asked if he had next Friday night off, which he did. [i think the best friend is going to set up my guy with that girl next friday]

my guy is very shy and awkward so it may not go well.

but i feel the pressure to get my feelings out, yet I'm not prepared for the backlash if he doesn't feel the same.

What do i do. he is away till Tuesday and we aren't working with each other till Friday day?


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  • Just ask him if you wants to go out sometime.

    One sentence can tell you all you need to know.

    • i just feel there is no time, except by text. And this needs to be spoken in person.

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    • haha you sound like him

    • I shall take that as a compliment, but yes pay her no heed, the fact he stayed with you all night tells me everything. This girl doesn't even appear to be on his radar. Go for it.

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