Does he really wanna get married someday?

My bf and I have been dating for almost a year. We live together as well. He use to sometimes call me his wife and talk about wanting to get married. Which he still talks about wanting to get married and have kids. When he would be talking to his mom, dad or brother and I asked who it was that called or text him he would say your mom, or your dad and etc (which he was referring to his parents). He hasn't said that for awhile now he will just say my mom, and etc. A few weeks ago when we were talking about marriage I jokinly said ” Yeah in 10 years” He then said “no within 5″. I am not going to keep bringing it up because it will happen when he is ready. It just sometimes goes through my head that maybe he is just saying that because he knows its what I want to hear. Because he normally only talks about it if he has had a few beers in him. But when he is sober he will just say he wants to be with me forever which is pretty much the same thing he just doesn't use the word marriage. Does it sound like he maybe lose interest or why would he use to say it but doesn't now? I know he doesn't have to say it everytime but im just curious what other peoples opinions are?

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  • Yep he wants to marry you. He wants to be with you. He needs more time and guts too.

    • Is it normal for guys to sometimes call you his wife and say what he does say only sometimes and then stops?

    • In this case he wants to marry, but not sure.. yep this is normal thing when you are in a relationship.

  • Over-thinking it girl!


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