What do you have to offer? bring to the table?

Sometimes i get so scared to meet guys , because i get lost in my own thoughts thinking im not good enough, or i dont have anything to bring to the table, like other girls, looks, personality, inteligent, etc, what do guys want?


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  • First of all let me tell you that every person is beautiful in their own way. You need to work on your self esteem and stop comparing yourself to other girls because God created you unique and different from others. Now what is there to be scared of? Rejection? You don't need to worry if a guy rejects you and you should immediately move on to the other one because somewhere around you there are guys who'll treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You just have to wait and try and you'll find the right one.
    Every guy looks for different qualities in girls e. g I always go for girls who are loyal, understanding and family oriented. Looks does matter but not so much.


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  • trust, honesty, communication and respect. I also do dishes and windows. Laundry on a need basis :)


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  • Truthfully? Love and for you to be self-confident enough that they can feel like they won't look bad if they're seen with you. Everything else varies widely according to the guy's preferences. Amiright guys?

    The good news, since we all have insecurities, is that self-confidence is just another word for being able to laugh at yourself. I'd say just work on that + making sure that whenever you go anywhere YOU think you look nice.