How to reconciliation someone you like after saying something stupid? And did I ruined it?

I recently start talking to someone and we still don't know what we hate and bother each one of us.. So I said something to him about that he have a lot of recently added girls on Facebook.. And I felt bad to tell him that it came out in very wrong way I didn't know what I was thinking.. I asked him if he is mad he said no not at all.. But then he stopped talking to me and when he does his answers come out in short answers.. I told him sorry and it came out wrong he said no problem but I'm tired and said we'll talk later so take care.. And he didn't answer when I told him goodnight..

So I really feel bad and stupid and I think I ruin everything and I can't stop thinking about it so what should I do?


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  • Apologize. Maybe say it was a misunderstanding. The easiest way to resolve such things isn't through text but rather in real life.

    • I did he said no problem but didn't talk or send me anything till now.. Should I send him again or give him his space

    • Wait 2-3 days, if no response then send again.

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