How to tell someone you like him but don't trust him enough to show your feelings?

I starting this new relation with a guy he is good but I still don't know him enough to let my feelings out and show him that I care...

Our talk is normal but I'm scared to get my self into breaking my heart again I recently lost my father and my best friends and things has been really messed up for me I start to lose my trust in everyone I know and I don't know if I should tell him that or no..

I want him to know that he should be bare with me because I still don't know him enough to trust him I still don't know of he is really honest and serious about me or just having fun..

So guys help me I really want this thing to work and want my life to be better and happy again and I want to be loved


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  • Sounds like you should be careful, but there's no reason not te tell him that you like him. Word games can be fun, but when we dance around what we want to say there can be problems. Why not just tell him that you like him, or see if he wants to go out or something.

    • Should I tell him that I'm scared or he'll talke it as weakness?

    • Here's the thing, I don't see why that could be a bad thing. If you open yourself to a guy, it should trigger protective instincts to draw him closer. If a guy likes you, and perceives weakness, there's no logical way that would be a turnoff.

  • if you wait until you build the trust then telling him you like him will be that much easier.


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