Have a boyfriend and crush... help?

my crush and I like each other but he doesn't know I have a boyfriend and my boyfriend doesn't know I have a crush on someone else. the crush wasn't even ment to happen! I wanted someone to talk to so I wen online and talked to people and I met my crush and I thought he was cute and we started talking and then video chat and the crush kinda grew. but he never asked if I had a boyfriend and when he told me he liked me I told him how I felt but never about my boyfriend maybe I should have. but my crush is so far away I think it would be stupid to leave my boyfriend for someone that far. but my crush has enough money to come to where I live to meet me in person. what should I do? should I tell my crush I me someone who lived closer to me and stay friends with him? or tell my boyfriend what happened?


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  • I would tell him something like "I can't handle a relationship with that kinda distance, I would like to stay friends with you, but I don't believe in long distance relationships"


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