Girls opinion on how you behave (guys also welcome :p)?

I am dating atm and often I hear girls complaining that they can't find the "nice guy"
Personally I would describe myself as a nice guy (and bot bad looking)
I can actually understand girls and I listen to thier problems and support or help them with it
I always hold doors open for girls.
I can always make them laugh (some jokes are a bit mean but they can see the joke)
Well I geus you know what I mean

But I often experience that girls are not attracted to this behaviour at all, if I act like the nice guy I always end up as thier friend

But however if you act like a asshole (doing nothing of the listed above) I have much better success rates

Are you yust attracted to guys when they treat you like shit?

And I also have a extremely high success rate on simply finding out a struggle of that girl and yust agree on thier struggle and help them a little with it
But then they get extremely attached with is a turnoff for me

Anyhow any explanation from you girls why you prefer being treaten like shit over being treated like a angle
And why you get soo extremely attached when someone helps you with a struggle

Oh yhea for the people that wonder if i really can understand girls my EQ (emotional intelligence) is 146 (almost a emotional genius)
Please do not get the above as bragging, I see no point in bragging on this site :p


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  • Hey! So, here's the deal- are you being friends-sweet or flirty-sweet? From your description, I guess you're being friend zoned. By sweet guys, we mean, for example... Augustus Waters (just gave him as an example because everybody, if haven't read the book, at least saw the movie). As guys often say, "we're not fortune tellers". We can't just guess you have a crush on us! So, yeah, we like sweet guys, but you have to be "sweet-flirty". Now, regarding to your question-"why we like mean guys". Well, at least I hate them with my entire heart, but I can guess why women usually fall in love for them. They're confident, usually because they're pretty and go "straight to the point". And, mmm, I guess every girl likes bad guys. I, who hate men that treat women like shit, usually have crushes for villains in movies or in books (I know, pretty weird :P). So, yeah, truly hope I could help! Kisses kisses!

    • Where I get friend zoned is the part where I try to kiss her, about 1/5 friend zoned me there and I did make my intentions clear
      However if I acted like a douch (what I have) then it was much easier to get girls

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    • I already did act like a douch :p yust was curious if additude matters much,
      But somehow I did get more girls by being a douch but they where a lot shorter tgen when I acted normal :p

    • Hahaha oh that's weird. You dated them or you just hooked up? I guess that girls like being treated like shit when it's just a hook up.

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  • Ok well answering the question of why girls get so attached when you help them with a problem is easy. It's because you cared. They see it as wow he actually cares about how I'm feeling, I didn't need to hide it from him or when I told him he didn't run out the door as quickly as possible. Girls for some reason always think the "nice guy" is never out there when in fact they are standing right next to them. Basically it's like the perks of being a wallflower- "we get the love we think we deserve" if a girl knows she wants a nice she will get a nice guy but if she thinks she not good enough she's gonna go to the asshole. Now for your own situation you probably tried to kiss them too early on and freaked them out. Even if I was talking to someone for a little while, if they tried to kiss me during that time I think I'd jump backwards like a cat or put both of my hands in their face. And that just bc they aren't ready. Hope this helps enlighten you on the weird logic of girls lol

  • A girl who let's a guy treats her like shit are girls who think that guy is the best they can get, particularly because they're insecure.
    I would never be with a girl who's a jerk, I like someone who can make me laugh and treat me with kindness the way my bf and I are to each other. If you're a gamer that's fine that doesn't mean anything, some girls just don't like that in a guy which I think is stupid but whatever. Those are usually the girls who look for douchebag assholes. With that being said maybe speak up and let the girl know you wanna try it out as more than friends so she doesn't keep thinking you wanna remain as just friends

    • Well the moment I get dumped in the friend zone is the moment I try to kiss her
      Most kissed back only to tell that its better to be friends -.-
      But when I acted like a douch then they suddenly want me more then anything
      And im not a hardcore gamer, I only game in spare time
      And I prefer cuddling over gaming (I am a disgrace to the gamers)

    • No I think your main issue is you're probably too friendly during a friendship with someone you like, you have to flirt and give off the vibe that you like her the moment you begin to have feelings for her. Because if you don't you're giving her more time to see you as just friends

  • You sound like the kind of guy that I usually fall for. My first crush was like that, my first boyfriend was like that, my current crush is like that...
    Maybe you don't seem confident. Confidence is attractive - an asshole can come off as much more confident than a nice guy. But you can still be a nice guy and be confident, which I think is the best combination!
    Don't be a doormat nice guy, be a leader nice guy.

    • Don't just agree with everything a girl says, be helpful and give some fresh perspective to her situation. Be a bit bolder but stillness nice about it. If you just support her every opinion and decision, you're not really life-mate material.

    • I also been the asshole yust to see if it haf more success :p
      Confidence is not a problem ;)

  • Well, since you are a gamer I'm just going to assume that you are shy too. (no offense) And if you come off more as friendly than interested in a relationship, you'll normally get friend zoned and that's no fun.

    • I also acted like a was a hole to some girls to see if it had more sucsess
      And I am very confident I often get stared at by girls whenever I have my shirt off
      And I have no problem being confident :p

      I almost always ask a girl to go topless if she asked ne to take my shirt off (and ig there has been kissing and we are in a private place :p)

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  • I'm gonna tell you the cold hard truth: Women don't particularly like bad boys or good boys. They don't favor gangsters over police. Its all about LOOKS. Women in general (especially urban women) seem to favor looks above anything else. This is why women always end up getting manipulated and played by men.

    If you meet a girl that doesn't care about looks, go get her because she is smart and special!

    • Haha my looks are nor problem, and I also acted like a ahole yust to see if I had more success

    • If that's the case, you may be surrounded by materialistic girls. You may not have the money and things that they want out of a man. Or, it could be a subtle form a racism. They could say something like: "I only date asians." or something similar to this.

  • How 'bout instead of treating a woman like an "angel," you treat her like a human being. Girls are not that much different from guys, unlike what society likes to tell us. In my experience, men that claim their "nice guys" are usually sexist douche-bags. A woman is perfectly capable of opening a door herself; she doesn't need a man to do it for her. And do you ever wonder if maybe these women that just want to be friends with you are allowed to not date you without wanting to be treated like shit. Maybe they just don't define "nice" the same way as you.

    And everything you've said about "understanding girls" only goes to show that you don't understand anything. Women are not a separate species. They're human, too. Why don't you spend less time trying to figure out what girls want and realize that they're individuals and want different things from one another. Women are not a collective hive mind.

  • The assholes you speak of are CONFIDENT and ASSERTIVE. It sounds like you are lacking in these traits.

    When people go through a hard time, and they find someone who is willing to put up with them, they are going to get clingy. Their time with you compensates, for the depressing loneliness they feel.

    Also, the "Q" is an old way of measuring intelligence, based on stuff the military used decades ago.

    • Well I also acted like a aholr yust to see if I Had more sucsess, and I did have more sucsess
      And eq is not used by military its often used to see how a person is a emotional situation the difference between eq and iq is that eq can be Improved by learning

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    • I displayed equal amounts of confidence and might be a bit less
      But it's not about me :p
      Its note about why girls like the aholl aditude mor ethen the good guy additive