I miss him so much and I don't know what to do about it. I need some suggestions?

Ok so basically this guy and I talked everyday for hours and now that we don't I can't sleep or do anything without thinking of him. He knows about the feelings I have for him and he said that maybe we could date in the future but he was interested in someone else at the time. I think about that and just him in general all the time. I miss him all the time and it's so hard to see him and know that he's not mine. The fact that he smiles and it's not because of me kills me every time. What's your opinion on this because I really don't know anything anymore.


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  • Im having the same problem right now... i can't go to sleep without holding my pillow and thinking of her... i guess the best thing to do is to come up with as many reasons why its not worth it and why its shitty situation all the way around (even if you have lie about it)... NOT the things that keep the dream going because it only hurts more...


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  • I think you need to relax. You are highly infatuated. You should never feel like you can not live with another guy. Also being jealous is not an attractive trait and in my opinion a negative aspect to your character. Why would he lead you on if he has no desire to date. I think you need to look at this more rationally and work on not getting caught up in youremotions. goood luck


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