Is it just best to walk away from people who push the wrong buttons?

Did ya ever meet someone, like them (man or woman) and then things go wrong fast, and they hurt you - suddenly that person keeps on bringing out bad feelings in you? And also, the passion you felt for them, once sexual attraction, just becomes very close to hate? LOL

What I'm saying is if so soon someone is not bringing out the best in you, does that mean it's best to run?


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  • You didn't supply enough information explaining what he did to make you feel this way but I could suggest that you should not run. If it's a relationship that has not even begun it may be too isn't too soon to run. Have a talk with him about his faults or let this one go and if he continues to make you feel that way move on

    • I kinda tried that... early on we had a disagreement cause he was pressuring me so much to send him a nude picture and I wouldn't because I don't know him well enough. Then when I asked him to Skype with me, he refused, making lame excuses why he couldn't. I assumed he had a wife or gf, I gave him the brush off. He went off on me. Wow that hurt :(

      But so in the next few days, I explained myself, he said he understood, sorry and things were cool, but then he's acting distant still, asked if he could call me. I said sure, he never did.

      I just feel as if this all happened way too fast and maybe just means we won't get along.

    • And then why bother to ask me if he could call if he never intended do? It's like he's being childish and spiteful as he was that night when we argued.

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  • Yes it is best to leave that person alone.

    The problem is that most females think with their soggy vagina instead of their brain, and end up staying for the sex while simultaneously wrecking themselves emotionally.


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