I broke up with a guy I've been dating and his response is weird. Let me know what you think please?

So I broke up with a guy I've been dating because we wanted different things and have different views on dating. Basically he said he was still dating other people but then would question me about seeing other people and he knows I wasn't. I want to be exclusive and he's just expected me to wait around. I didn't want to feel like just an option. I want to matter more to someone. He has a extremly hard time talking about his feelings for me too. He has told me that he likes spending time with him and we have a lot in common and he likes me... But I couldn't tell. So I basically told him all that this morning and that it wasn't working out for me. He response by saying "that really sucks but I'm not going to talk you into doing anything you don't want to" WTF? Why even say anything


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  • When he said that, he meant that you are not obligated to continue dating him so, even though he wants to continue dating you, he has decided to accept the new situation (of not dating you) gracefully. I don't see anything weird about that response.


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  • Don't be hurt. Don't respond. You want different things. End of story.