Girls do you hint to a guy when you want to move to the next level and go on a date?

So I've been on a dating site and every time I suggest meeting up with a girl, that ends up usually being the last time I hear from her. Actually I don't suggest meeting up with her I usually will try to take things from talking on the website to texting. So now I'm just not going to bother asking girls anymore and hope that she will give an indication.


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  • If the two of you are "clicking" then I don't see why it would be a problem. I mean if I put in the effort to text a guy daily then I don't see why meeting up with the guy would be a problem. Maybe they weren't exactly real or didn't look much like their profile? Most women probably won't straight up ask and plan a date. If the two of you are already daily talking maybe if he says she wants to see and upcoming movie or always wanted to try "blank" food, that's most likely a hint.

    • well we're just talking online on the dating site a few times every day. I think it's been about a week now. Every time I try to try and take things to the next level after talking like this they flake and I don't hear from them again:(

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    • For distance reasons like us living the the same state but different cities, and schedules due my school and his work, it ended up taking like two months. But I was ready to meet him long before then, I probably would've met him after like three weeks.

    • I see. Well she gave me one of those hints you were talking about and I figured wth and asked about talking on the phone. So we talked on the phone. She seems ok I guess, not really a whole lot you can tell off of one conversation. How long should we chat on the phone before meeting in person?

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