How long does it take you to introduce your girl to your friends? Do you only introduce them if you really like the girl ect?

The guy i have dated has introduced me to about 4 of his friends on separate ocassions he would have me come over when they were there we haven't been dating long so I don't know if it means anything. His last relationship was like 4 years and im the first girl since if that matters. im just not used to being introduced that quickly


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  • I was in the exact same position as you. My SO had been in a serious relationship. We started seeing one another over a year after it ended and I met most of his friends within the first few weeks. They all had heard about me, so I guess my SO had spoken of me a bit.

    6-7 months later I'm still with him.

    • thanks! Its only been like 4 months since his break up i think. he was touchey feely and stuff in front of them i was kind of suprised.

    • I'd just take it as a compliment and not worry :)

    • Cool thanks!

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