I can't figure out if she likes me or not?

So a week ago she text me "Mornin" out of no where, and mind you I was chasing her for quite sometime before giving up.

So the next thing you know, we end up talking for an entire week, and I noticed a few things that hadn't happened prior to texting on the phone.

*She used a lot more of the ;), XD, and >:) faces in her text messages. She still is usually straight forward with her texts that end in periods or short responses, but she's been adding these more as well.

*She has been responding to me much quicker now, longest being at least an hour or so.

*She sent me a two photos of her self, and one saying how she "Wish you (I) was here" with a picture of bottle of alcohol.

* She also asked me if I missed her, and I playfully asked "Wouldn't you like to know?" and she wanted to, so I said yes I did miss her, and she said she misses me too.

*Prior to all this, I saw her at school, and while riding the elevators in a crowded space, she places her head on my shoulder. And when we were rushing to leave the school, she put her arm around my waist.

So I can't, for the life of me, figure out if she is starting to become interested in me, or just looking for an ego boost? She knows I like her since I asked her out, but said she can only do morning and afternoon dates, but not evening dates.

My friend believe she was playing the "long game" where she wanted to get to know me a little more before we start to date. She was also out of state at the time, so I'm thinking maybe she was bored? But she came back recently so I'm still unsure.

Thoughts guys/girls?


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  • It sounds like she likes you


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  • Hmmm it's fishy she contacted you out of the blue saying how much she misses you. I'd say it's an ego boost or she's had you on the back burner... don't take her too seriously

  • she likes you alot! it's kinda obvious just the questions, the touches, the texts try asking her out again and she will most likely say yes! :)

  • She likes you :)


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  • I'd say no because of the picture with the alcohol.. I've been down that road.. drunk phone call at 2 AM saying she loved me and all that.. I wish I could erase all that out of my memory and stupid me for playing into it..

    • She only had a couple of beers thought, and was eating BBQ food. She even said she doesn't go flat out sickly drunk. Hell we kept talking even though she was at a BBQ

    • I just don't like the fact that she just randomly texts you after you showed signs before but she never wanted anything to do with it but now she does?