Does my boyfriend not trust me to keep this relationship going or is he being insecure about things?

Me and my boyfriend just started have had a few bumpy roads dealing with our relationship status requiring our age differences and he's been becoming too protective of me to go find someone my age and to not be with him afraid that we would get caught. I don't want to let go of him or lose him either. I've fallen For him and he's fallen for me as well. He wants us to be together. I'm not sure exactly what to say on why he's acting like this either he's acting insecure or he dosent fully trust me on keeping our relationship going without us getting caught. Help I just want to know what he's going through so I can help him and we can talk through this to make this work


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  • Being an adult dating a minor is serious shit it may not seem like but trust me it is

    • He's a 3 years older than ms and I'm trying for us not to get caught by parent situations you know? It's complex but we are trying to work this thing out and prevent ourselves from anything happening

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