Does my crush like me? Advices?

I had been crushing on a girl for 2 years now. We had been is the same class for 3 years and next year we are definitely going to be in the same class again.
We flirt (play fights) like everyday and had a lot of physical contact and we became a lot closer this year. Every morning i get to sit beside her and some other classes. But most of the time i sit infront of her. She knows i find her annoying when she makes noises (i dont find her annoying but cute in fact and i just want to play with her) and she will purposely make more noides during lessons so we will smile to ourselfs like an idiot :D
But she is sometimes sarcastic and she will make fun of me. Overall she is a great girl with a great personality. Sometimes she will ask me to teach her some topics because im good at those.
So... How is our relationship like? How do I get her to like me?


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  • Hard to say. She can like you or just see you as a really good friend.


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  • The relationship between you guys seem 'friendly'. Why not straight up ask her out?