What are signs that a shy guy likes a girl? Please help!!!

So I like this very shy and nerdy guy. I am a bit shy as well. Now I wonder what signs there are and whether they could be there...


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  • I'm a shy guy so I'll just say from my own experience:

    He will look at you... a lot.
    Whenever he thinks you're not looking he'll make extremely frequent quick glances at you. Sometimes you might be able to catch him doing this in which case he'll probably look away quickly.

    When he talks to you he may seem nervous. Try to notice if his voice sounds a bit shaky. Also he'll probably smile a lot. After you talk to him a few times he'll seem a bit calmer but he'll still smile very often when talking to you.

    Also he'll probably try sitting near you (at least so he's able to see you) at school.

    The best thing you can do for this guy if he does like you is just talk to him. It doesn't matter what but I know from experience that it's tough to get the courage to talk to your crush yourself so you should help him out there.

    • We are already talking a lot. He recently started being calmer. He even tells things without a reason out of the blue sometimes.
      I once wrote him that I like talking to him very much. After being shy for a few weeks after that he is much calmer. He tries to make me laugh and laughs a lot at my jokes. Once he complimented me...
      Is that a good thing?

    • That reminds me so much of me and my crush. So much so that I wonder if you are actually her. (just joking)

      I'd say he likes you. It'll become more clear the more you talk though.

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  • I'm not as shy as I use to be but the main thing to look at is his body language. between all the shouffeling there's a whole convercation going on. smiling when you are around can be a big hint. if he finds it harder to form a sentence than usual can be another. blushing and maybe looking a way when he thinks you're checking him out works too.

    the main hint I can give you is be paitent with him and you may have to make the first move tell he warms up to you and relaxes a bit.

  • Im a shy guy myself and i randomly smile when ever i see a girl i like and i flirt like a lot and i have to get used to talking to her. Often i won't come out my shell and ask her out unless im certain she will accept my feelings.

    • If ur shy u wouldn't flirt a lot due to ur shyness

    • To me eyes me glancing at her counts as flirting and i had my first kiss when i was 17, 7 days before my 18th birthday because when a girl is involved in a situation i can't do anything but smile and try to run away from her. Its the reason why that iv only had 4 girls friends (1 if you dont count middle school)

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  • if a shy guy likes you, mostly, he always take glances on you