How would you feel dating a heavier girl?

You like her very much... would you be shy introducing her to your friends or even hang out in public? ... heavy as in obese...


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  • There are some guys who will date obese girls, but they typically are the undesirable guys that most girls with options wouldn't want: broke, ugly, low self esteem, bum, looking for a perceived easy target. There is a difference between being his real gf that he's happy to introduce to others and being a closet secret. Most OBESE, not just overweight or fat, but obese girls will have a hard time finding a decent guy who introduces them to people because fat girls are seen with less value and it's shameful to be dating one. Guys judge girls like some girls judge designers.

    Hot/beautiful/very pretty --8.5-10girls are like Louboutins & Giuseppes (major status symbols/sources of pride for a man)

    Cute --7-8girls are like Steve Maddens, Michael Kors (nice.. somewhat of a status symbol yet attainable)

    Average/kinda cute/aight 6-6.5 girls are like Target shoes (basic, ok, nothing to be ashamed of but nothing to brag about)

    Moderately fat girls with average faces/Slightly ugly girls with decent bodies/Plain jans 4-5 girls are like Payless BOGO shoes. Acceptable if you can't afford any better and can make it work if she has other good qualities to make up for it (good head, money, low self esteem and will be overly permissive of his flaws/behavior)

    Obese girls like 250-300lbs+ are like Salvation Army, swap meet hand me down shit.

    That was really mean and shallow but most guys think like that, you know it I know it we all know it. There are a few guys who dont subscribe to that way of thinking but they are typically the ones who are in the same boat so hopefully you aren't picky and judgmental yourself


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  • No and no. If I found her attractive and really liked her, then I would be in heaven because you know she is not going anywhere, and your friends will leave her alone.

  • Everyone has their own attractions so I don't judge. And friends shouldn't either. If they do then they can f themselves.

    I personally don't prefer bigger girls. I definitely am into girls that are curvy though, maybe a bit chubby. My gf isn't a toothpick, she has curves. She isn't a bbw or anything like that though. Regardless, I wouldn't have any problems.


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