Why is he doing this? Why does he say this and think this? If he doesn't like me why does he do this?

So yesterday I saw my sort of crush talking to his friends. One of my friends told him that you shouldn't play with her b/c she is a nice person. His friend told him his plan with backfire on him. He apparently my friend told me wanted to see if I really like him by saying he doesn't like me and saying some mean things and did the middle finger. His friend was like what are you doing that for. He replied I want to push her. His friend was like don't push her too hard. He sent a messenger telling me that he doesn't like me and should stop staring at him. My reaction was like a confused ok and his friend was like she doesn't like you. But afterwards I was like self-absorbed and his friends were like she likes you. During lunch, he was watching the game and I was
talking to a male classmate and he asked people if I was dating that guy. And my freshmen classmates was like no they are not dating. He then asked if I was staring at him. But they said I was staring at that guy and smiling at that guy. He asked why? They were like make you jealous maybe. He was smiling at me when he thought I was at him. He asked him if anyone likes me and if I was nice some people say I am really nice and some ok. They were like no. And they were like she doesn't like anybody. Don't think she likes you. I know she liked this kid last semester. He left because he said he thinks I am staring and playing with him. Then he came I the cafe and he stalked me and his friend and I said some mean things as he said they weren't true and he never liked me. And then a teacher asked if someone needs to talk to me and he was like no. And he said some mean things too. Then he called my neighbor and my neighbor relayed the message: "he doesn't like you because he thinks your playing w/ him." Also we have like only a day of real school.

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My crush saying mean things


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  • Wait , so who is saying mean things? His friend or your crush? Or both. Im confused about who said what

    • I actually think your crush likes you. It seems like he was saying mean things to test you and see if you really like him. He was asking all around and cared whether you were dating the male class mate or not. He was asking the freshman classmates because he wanted to know more about you? He even went through the trouble of calling your neighbor.

    • The thing that confuses me is that he is mean about it. I havnt known a guy to like a girl and be out right mean like that

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