Everything was going right and then it went left quickly?

So I met this guy & it was going really well. We would talk daily, flirt daily, and blow each other kisses. I thought since he was flirting with me and we got along well, it meant that he wanted a romantic relationship with me, but he told me because of his past relationship, he is not ready for another one and that he just wants to be friends. Why would he lead me on like that? Why not say that from the beginning? Got my hopes up & now i'm in the friend zone.

It worked out... at least for a while. A couple of days later, he told me that he made a mistake & he wants to be more than friends. He asked me out & I said yes. The date never happened because his dad told him to cut me off.


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  • Perhaps you were the victim of him 'testing himself' to see if he is ready for a relationship. He went down the right path and then at the last minute he might have realized he really isn't ready for a relationship. I say pursue the friendship but keep up a little flirting once in a while to let him know you have something saved and in mind for a future with him. Perhaps after a little time (a few weeks or months) he will realize you are the right girl and it is the right time. He was clearly hurt because of his last relationship and that sucks because he'll need your patience and friendship. Also lots of guys out there do want to know their women can also play the part of a bestie too. I hope this helps. Cheers :D

    • Thank you. I hope it works out because its just so easy talking to him.

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