Quick! I need hell on how to respond:?

So I am talking to this girl I like, and I'm sure she knows I like her. And we were talking about how her ex and her best friend are getting together, that usual story. And I was telling her how at least she has had someone love her. I have NEVER had a girl to like me as I liked her. And long story short, she replied just now with "well, I know what it's like to feel nothing. We can both feel nothing together" and because guys suck at picking up hints, I can't tell if this is a hint or just a comment, and either way, I don't know what to say back.
Help. Quick. Please.

Update: since I didn't respond, and waited for someone to help me, she sent another message asking how my summer has been. Which is weird, because usually she will just wait for me to respond, or never answer to my response (not just her)


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  • Means u can both comfort each other. There are no hints or underlying message. She just meant the two of you can comfort each other in all this. Stop waiting for someone to tell you how to respond and reply. XD nothing's worse than having to wait forever on a reply after a line like that.

    Just tell her how u feel about that. Be casual. "Would you like to go to a movies and feel nothing thgether over there?" Or something like that. Make it funny. Just don't be too emo.

    • Well, I just didn't want to say something stupid like "potatoes" (lol, I wouldn't do that), but I didn't want to give a message saying "I'm okay being friends" or any of that, because that's how I have been friendzoned by about 14 girls that I have liked. So I didn't know what to say without sounding like a close friend, or being to clingy.
      Oh yeah, another side thing: she still likes her ex, but her best friend is with him (not yet, but will be), and I am not sure if asking her out, she would see it as a way to get back at her best friend and ex (even though she still likes him), or if she would be like "My heart is still on him" and all. Idk... Please respond, again, to this. Thanks!

    • This situation is really shady @@ unless u want major drama, I don't think you should involve yourself in this. She is now in vulnerable mode.

      Just be casual about it. Be her friend but FLIRT. You want her to know you're interested then start by flirting. Throw in some winks in those text messages or something.

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  • If a girl knows a guy likes her and he doesn't like him back she won't have long conversations with him in fact I personally avoid the fuck out of that person so if she knows you like her there is at least a good Chance she has feelings for you too


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  • That's pretty standard Zen Koan girl talk.

    There is no good response I'm afraid. I think she's saying she's not into you, but I could be wrong on that.

  • Girl is quite humorous and yeah she is interested. Just proceed as you would with any girl who is interested in you.

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