Did I hurt him by rejecting him?

My ex and I broke up 3 weeks ago. We dated for a year and 3 months and we lived together for a year. And he moved on and started dating someone else. Well the past two weeks we got closer. he would text me everyday and say that he missed me and wanted to move back and be with me. Well this past week he stayed with me andbitt was the best week. We laughed we talked we just had fun and we both enjoyed it. We would play fight with each other tickle each other it was just a good week. Then yesterday he went back home. He filled my car up with gas. He paid for my phone bill and paid another payment that I owed.
He had planned on moving back today and we was supposed to hangout. But last night I sent him a text saying that he shouldn't move back because he has a girlfriend. And then today he told me that he wasn't coming today and that we wasn't hanging out today and he's just acting weird. He won't hardly talk to me. And he's refusing to come today but he won't give me a reason why he won't come. Did I hurt him by rejecting his offer to come back?

He said he felt guilty for even trying to do things with me. He said yesterday I made him feel like crap because he was trying to be nice to me and I didn't care that he was trying to be nice to me.
We broke up because we couldn't get along and all we did was fight. He claimed I was to controlling and didn't let him have a life.
And every since I told him he couldn't move back its like he wants nothing to do with me. He will hardly talk to me


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  • Yeah I think you did hurt him by rejecting him. But to be fair to you, you are right about what you said he did have a girlfriend and if he is serious about you and him being back together then he should break up with her. Maybe you could had said something along those lines that he has to make a choice either he wants to be with you or her. He shouldn't be going back and forth. He never said if he would break up with her. I do understand you and him got close and stuff but if he serious then his current girlfriend has to go. Why did you guys break up in the first place? I also felt he moved on to fast by dating somebody else.


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