Should I continue seeing this guy? Or are his actions indicative of things to come?

I started seeing this guy about 3 weeks ago, and we hit it off instantly. We have a lot of the same likes, dislikes, views on things... Etc.


There have been quite a few times where he and I had made plans to see eachother, which then he would break for a number of reasons. There were a couple times where it couldn't be helped, and I understand those. It's when he makes plans with me and then blows me off to see his buddies that bothers me.

Other small things like ignoring me over text and generally seeming a bit... distant? And I've been trying to get him to talk about seeing eachother exclusively but he seems to avoid that subject too.

Am I paranoid? Should I continue seeing him or break it off?


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  • the guy likes being with you as a friend not more than anyone, maybe he isn't attracted you or is romantically interested, if i like a girl then i would ditch my friends and go out with her, i am sure they would understand

    • Yeah that's sort of what I was thinking too... :/ that sucks because then it feels like he's using me for sex, which isn't cool.

    • well don't be used

    • Haha, yeah. I won't be sleeping with him again until we talk about it... I just wanted a couple of opinions.

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  • If I really liked a girl, I'd break my plans with my guy friends in a second! Did you have "for sure" plans or were they "we should hang out Saturday" but nothing for sure? Reason I ask is my wife and I did that when we were dating but since we didn't have for sure plans, I'd often fall asleep ( I had a horrendous work schedule at the time" and I didn't find out until after we had been married for a year or two that she'd be at home all dressed up ready to go and I would never call. I felt horrible about it to say the least! Ask him about being exclusive and if he avoids it, call him out. Guys sometimes don't mind being called on our BS. At least you will know.

    • No they were pretty cement plans, with times and stuff. I have a horrible schedule myself, and he's a workaholic so I make sure I'm available when we are both free and he wants to see me.

      I think I'm going to talk to him about the issues first, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to continue the relationship if I'm already doubting it.

    • Very smart!! If they were concrete plans, then he isn't respecting your time as much as his. That is not a good sign either. You have to have mutual respect in order to have a healthy relationship. If you have a tough schedule and yet you find the time for him, why can't he do the same for you? I think you are aimed in the right direction. Another thing, when my wife and I were separating, those missed dates became a topic. So to have a good relationship, you must lay a solid foundation. Again, mutual respect!! Can't stress that enough.

  • I wouldn't blow off one friend to see another. You definitely aren't his girlfriend. Not sure he views you as a friend either.

    • :( yeah that's what I'm worried about. Thanks for commenting.

    • I'm trying to select yours as most helpful but the site is being a derp. :|

    • Glad you found it of help. Good luck to you!

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